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Top 5 Must Visit Places in Sikkim

Picture of North Sikkim

Posted by Admin on 5 July, 2017

Rarest of places and outstanding of places .From the peak of the hills as abundantly as from the boondocks .Sikkim is such of the excellent place to have a shake hands and kiss babies .Every such would appreciate to chat Sikkim for this arrangement is price touring mutually friends and relatives.Some of the outstanding places to chat in Sikkim are mentioned in this post.

1 : Zuluk

Zuluk East Sikkim

With a Dangerous and curve roads, Dzuluk or Zuluk is a small hamlet located at a height of around 10,000 feet (3,000 m) on the rugged terrain of the lower Himalayas in East Sikkim The summer temperature would be near 20 °C (68 °F) with substantial difference between the day and night temperature. The rainy season is a little protracted and heavy to very heavy showers are common. The winter may see snowfall in the area of about 3–5 feet (0.91–1.52 m) of snow.

2: Yumesamdong 0 Point(Sikkim)

Yumesamdong(0') Point

Driving north, you will first reach Chungthang, a small town that straddles (the confluence of the Lachen and Lachung rivers. Purchase supplies here for your onwards journey,since little is avialable further north. Continuing to the northeast from Chungthang, you will soon arrive at Lachung, an exquisite valley town at a height of 8610 feet (2624 metres). Resplendent with a crown of snow-capped mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and sparkling streams, if is no wonder that as early as 1855, Joseph Dalton described it as the most picturesque village of Sikkim in his famed Himalayan journal.

Less than an hour's drive further north from Lachung, you will reach Yumthang al 11,800 feet (3597 metres), where the treeling ends and the high plateau begins. Also known as the 'Valley of Flowers' on account of the rhododendron groves that burst into bloom and the wild alpine blossoms which dot the landscape during the spring season, Yumthang is also home to hot springs renowned for their medicinal properties. Take a dip and revel in the healing serenity of Sikkim's mountain waters.

An hour further north, your jeep will will take you to Yumesamdong. At 15,300 feet (4663 metres), it is merely an army outpost just shy of the Chinese border where the road comes to an abrupt end. Look up into the Himalayas and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China beyond while inhaling the sweet fragrance of azalea flowers that permeates the air.

The road leading to the northwest from Chungthang winds its way to Lachen. Standing at 95OO feet (2895 metres) in an alpine meadow with pine-clad snowy peaks rising on all sides, the town of Lachen has barely 150 houses. The hamlet is inhabited only seasonally in the Winter, as its residents spend their summers in temporary huts high up in the alpine pastures tending to their yak herds. Lachen is one of Sikkim's hidden jewels.

And then you continue north from Lachen through the Chopta Valley at 14,500 feet (4420 metres) with its bright spring flowers to Guru Dongmar lake, one of Sikkim's highest at 17,100 feet (5212 metres). This sacred lake is believed to possess the miraculous power of granting children to barren couples. Guru Dongmar freezes over during the Winter, except at one spot which is believed to be specially blessed by Guru Rinpoche.

Yumesamdong - Zero Point Sikkim. Situated at 15500 feet activity in the North East spot Sikkim (India). Yumesamdong is indeed close to the Chinese border. An hours charge beyond Yumthang (26 kms), Yumesamdong is the territory of familiar snow. The boat trip from Yumthang trudges up at the hand of the rugged plenty road to Yumesamdong, an orientation where the jelly fragrance of Ezilia permeates the air. Ezilia is a concoct used every locals as incense.

3: Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary

Rhododendron Sanctuary in Sikkim

Sikkim's most sacred monastery of Tashiding is perched atop a conical hill. A mere glance at the Thongwa Rongdol Chorten here is believed to absolve you of all sins. Founded around 1716, Tashiding was believed to be the heart of Bayul Demoshong , the hidden fruitful valley. During the famous 'Bumchu' festival, a bumpa, or vessel containing holy water, is opened and a small quantity distributed to the devout. The contents of the vessel date back to the 7th century, when Guru Rinpoche is said to have stored sacred soil, water and precious jewels in it (rom all ofthe holy places in India. Each year, the waterlevel is checked as an indicator of the times ahead.

The Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary is one of five wildlife sanctuaries where you can view all enourmous variety of rhododendrons, in addition to many medicinal herbs and a couple more plants. Rinchenpong is the base for treks to the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary and the Singalila Range. The panoramic views of Kanchenjunga from here are just mind blowing and fantastic .

4: Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar lake

Gurudongmar Lake, is such of the chief lakes in the hand one is dealt, situated at an ascent of 17,800 ft (5,430 m).The fancy altitude mud puddle which surplus frozen from one end to the other winter months is situated in the part of tundra Sikkim, in the province of North Sikkim. It is practically 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) to the South of the Chinese border. The lake cut back be reached by stream from Lachen using Thangu. It is 190 kilometres (120 miles) away from Gangtok, the heart city of Sikkim.



The capital city of Sikkim is finingly called Gangtok, which means 'the town on the hilltop ' in the local Bhutia language. From the former Royal Palace at the top to the Queen's Bridge at the bottom, the city sprawls across approximately 15 kilometres on the westside of a long ridge flanking the Ranipool (Ranipul) River. At an average altitude of 5500 feet (1676 metres), and with a population of approximately 50,000, this historically important transit point on the trade route .When Tibet became the capital of Sikkim in 1894. Gangtok combines an attractive mix of old World charm, traditional hospitality and a modern cosmopolitan outlook, making it an exciting place to spend a few days), at the beginning or end of your Sikkimese journey. The town can be the ideal staging point for your travels across Sikkim's other districts, as you take advantage of top-notch tourism agencies, first class hotels and urban shopping amenities, or a comfortable haven with good food and hot showers at the end of your Sikkim adventure. Although warmer than neighbouring Darjeeling, Gangtok is still a hilltown with widely varying weather patterns, so take extra care when packing. Summer temperatures can be as high as 25 degree Celsius on sunny afternoons but may drop 10 13° Celsius on rainy evenings. In the Winter, you can expect highs of 18 Celsius and lows of 5 degree Celsius. Gangtok sees over 150 inches of rainfall per year, primarily during the summer monsoon season. Come prepared with light woollens and a rain jacket for the summer, and heavier clothes for the winter.

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